Satpura national park is one of the key central Indian forests in India. Satpura means seven mountains. A terrain which is a mixture of fascinating deep valleys, sandstone peaks, rivulets, & waterfalls, Satpura is one of India's hidden wild jewels.

Satpura has a thriving population of leopards and sloth bears. The low tiger density makes leopards of this region bolder because of which this forest has become one of India's strongholds for leopard photography. The same is true about sloth bears. Some of the best sloth bear behavior and images have been produced from Satpura. So in case leopards and bears are your area of interest, Satpura is the place to be.

These forests are also home to the world’s smallest cat- the rusty spotted cat. We, at Nature Wanderers also conduct special expeditions in Satpura focusing on this unique specie.

Satpura : Key Snapshots

  • Leopards & sloth bear
  • Central Indian Birds
  • Night photography & nocturnal wildlife like civets and rusty spotted cats

Best Time To Visit

October until the end of June November to February

Equipment Needed

Lenses above 300 mm would be good for mammals. A 70-200mm or similar focal range would be needed to create habitat perspectives of mammals.

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