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India is known for its wildlife biodiversity. From the charismatic Royal Bengal tiger that rule the forests here, to the secretive leopards surviving in various habitats and the elusive snow leopards that thrive in the most extreme terrains of the upper Himalayas, India is home to some of the most iconic big cats including the mainland clouded leopard and Asiatic lions. The list of small cats found in India is quite long as well. The world’s smallest wild cat- the rusty spotted cat is found in many parts of the country. Along with this unique specie, India is also home to the fishing cat, jungle cat, mainland leopard cat, Pallas's cat, Eurasian lynx, golden cat and the marbled cat, to name a few.

In addition to the tiger, India is also the best location in the world to document wildlife species like the Asian elephant, One-Horned rhino, Red panda, Indian wild dogs, Indian gaurs, Indian wolf, Tibetan wolf, Red foxes, Tibetan sand fox, primates and monkeys like the Golden langurs, Pig-tailed macaques, Hoolock gibbons, Phayre's leaf monkey, Capped langur, Lion tailed macaques - and the list goes on and on. It may take years of travel to cover the length and breadth of this beautifully diverse country and wildlife photographic opportunities in India are incredibly unique. The forests here support a wide range of forests, from grasslands, swamps, rainforests, tropical evergreen forests, scrubs, deserts and the high-altitude flora of the mighty Himalayas. With such a massive presence of various ecosystem, wildlife photography in India becomes as magical and unique as her jungles.

Over the past many years our team at Nature Wanderers has worked in various forests of this vast country and on various species. This extensive hands on experience and specie-specific ground knowledge makes sure that each and every itinerary and expedition planned by us is meticulous and worthwhile for you and your photographic portfolio.


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The land of the Royal Bengal Tiger, ancient monuments, and pristine rainforests, India is home to one of the most diverse forms of flora and fauna. From the world’s smallest wild cat to the world’s highest living cat, every landscape here offers a unique experience to last a lifetime.

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