DSLR Camera Trapping


From photographing unique perspectives of wildlife to the nocturnal behavior of rare species, DSLR camera trapping technology has opened new dimensions in the field of wildlife photography. Nature Wanderers has been working in this field for years and on various species in Asia. Right from big cats like tigers and leopards to small cats like leopard cats, jungle cats, fishing cats, and nocturnal species like civets - DSLR camera trapping is exhausting but the results are fruitful and at times astonishing. Nature Wanderers team has also executed specialized projects on species like clouded leopards and snow leopards in Asia.

Some key species in various habitats (in private lands) we specialize in for camera trapping:-

  • Royal Bengal Tiger
  • Leopard
  • Snow Leopard
  • Black Panther
  • Asian Elephant
  • Leopard Cat
  • Rusty Spotted Cat
  • Fishing Cat
  • Indian Civets like Asian palm Civet, Masked palm Civet, Large Indian Civet and Small Indian Civet
  • Porcupines of India
  • Sunda Clouded Leopard
  • Borneo Civet Species


In case you already have a camera trap inventory and wish to use our rigs which have been customized as per various terrains and habitats - be it elephant populated areas, extreme climates, and adverse conditions, feel free to talk to us for rentals.

Do you have a basic interest in DSLR camera trapping and you are short of equipment? Just give us a shout and opt-in for our rental option wherein you can book a trapping tour with us and use our team's services as well the gears and the images would belong to you! Just drop us an email at info@naturewanderers.com and have a chat with us on what species and landscape you wish to work on and step into the world of camera trapping.

Our camera trapping inventory

Our elephant proof camera trapping setup

Our all-terrain camera trapping setup

Multi-Tasking with Camera Trapping Projects

For all Indian and international photographers coming to India for a routine photo safari to any Indian location, you even have the option of deploying camera traps in some of our chosen locations and while you are on safari your traps would be monitored by our team. Isn't that a cool way to save some field time?

Photo Gallery


Do you want to associate with us for a camera trapping project? Trap species and showcase your creativity by writing to us. Feel free to discuss your project ideas and our team would be in touch with you over email to take it forward.

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