Pench national park is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh and named after the river Pench. But it is famously known as the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling to pen down the iconic Jungle Book and hence this is Mowgli Land. Yes, this is the national park to visit, if you want to capture the magic of Mowgli’s world in your lens. A completely unique habitat comprises of teak, characteristic ghost trees and black rock formations that stand out, Pench is also known for some of its iconic tigers who have recorded their names in history books because of their legendary feats. Collarwali - a Pench tigress - is one of them as she is a Guinness book record holder for the most successful breeding tigress in the world with maximum cub count. To know more about her get a copy of Shivang Mehta's A Decade with Tigers.

Best Time To Visit

  • For tiger photography - March to June
  • For landscape and bird photography: Winter months

Equipment Needed

Focal ranges till 300 mm are ideal. The 100 - 400 mm Canon, Sony or Nikon variant is great as you get the required flexibility to shoot mammals. 70 - 200 mm is a great lens for shooting tigers in their natural habitat.

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